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Interwoven is an acrylic painting on canvas measuring 36X36X1.5 inches.  The painting has a wire on the back for hanging on a wall.


The monochromatic painting describes 3 figures wading in the shallow coastal waters.  This relaxing pause in the afternoon light conveys a moment of calm and tranquility.  The limited palette and the black and white stripes create a dynamic tension that is an opposite to the tranquil tone of the painting.   The group feels connected, not only because of their positioning next to each other but also because of the location of each figure and the direction of the stripes, limbs and waterlines that creates a cohesive interweaving of their orientations.  This cohesive moment is restorative to the group and a reminder to pause to renew. 


My interest in social psychology is an inspiration for subject matter in this series of black and white paintings.  The images convey a sense of self-reflection, personal evolution, discovery, and connection. A study of contrasts are a continued theme in my work and include the tension between lights and darks, calm and conflicted emotions, loud and quiet palettes, order and chaos in composition and textures.  The contrasts create an energy in the piece which acts to stimulate and soothe at the same time.  The simplification of the composition and palette creates a mood and psychological atmosphere that allows for a strong narrative.  By combining these concepts I am able to explore the dynamics of a mere moment.

Interwoven - 2021

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