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  • What materials do you use and what is your process?
    I like to work in assorted mediums to make an abstract collage as my beginning. I use acrylic paint, inks, wax and water-soluble artist pastels. I layer different kinds of found images, text, textures, stamps, stencils and string. If the piece requires another layer, I may draw a figure or a shape on the top of the mixed media to create a more powerful focal point.
  • Where can I see your work?
    This website, Facebook and Instagram are the main places to see my work at any time. I will have a few events throughout the year that I post on the website and the newsletter where my work may be seen in person. You can subscribe to my newsletter here. Also, I have work at Judith Liegeois Designs in Naples Fl.
  • Are you doing any workshops?
    I will be hosting workshops, and classes that will be scheduled on the website for this Summer and Fall 2023 and Winter 2024
  • What is the fascination with figures?
    My obsession with swimming and the beach inevitably includes a figure in the storyline. Paintings with images of people are important in my paintings since there is a psychological element in each artwork that creates a mood and atmosphere. My background in psychology drives my interest in connecting to the state of mind of the figures and their human experience and sharing that with the viewer.
  • Do you do commissioned paintings?
    Yes. I often work with people to do family, children or pet portraits. You can reach out to me here to start a conversation about what kind of portrait you would like to have me create.
  • How can I find out when you have posted new work to your website?
    The best way to is to follow me is on Instagram or Facebook and subscribe to my newsletter. I will post new work often and describe how the painting was inspired.
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