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Small Studies: A Treasure Trove of Art

While at home for the last 40 days I have been pretty productive. I decluttered my closets and studio and uncovered some small works and projects that I have coveted for myself for years. I love a collection of art from the same artist, but I thought it was time to send these precious expressions (by me) on their way as I make room for new inspirations, concepts and a new body of work. Below are a few examples of my small studies and their inspirations. I hope these bring you some joy.

I missed the beach during this Covid-19 pause, and so I had to go to the beach in my mind. This painting is a 5" x 7" acrylic of 4 beachwalkers on Keywayden Island south of Naples. Painting this image reminded me of the boating day when this was taken. Balmy, brilliant and bright.

Keywayden Beach Walkers 2020

I like to balance out my concentration on concrete images (like above) with abstract art projects. I layer together paint, stencils, drawing and found objects. This allows my mind to flow in an organic way to create a composition. The abstract here, is a 5" x 5" painting of mixed media on wood.

Some of my synchronized swimmer paintings start out small in a limited palette. This is an 8" x 8" painting of 8 Starlets in acrylic on wood. This configuration sparked an idea to do a whole sequence of synchronized paintings.

Synchronized Starlets 2017

Thanks for having an interest in my art!! If you see something that you know someone would like, you can share this blog post with them! Thanks and I hope to connect with you soon!...Marti


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