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New Work and Workshops

Hello All! I am hoping you are doing well and enjoying the Spring thaw! ;)

I wanted to show you some new swimmer paintings I have done recently. I have been exploring new ways to enter into the subject of swimming and my figurative work since I like to keep things fresh. The Super Star paintings show a new technique that breaks up the water and the figures in the image. This is a cool way of getting the sparkling churning water effect..

The Flip and Flop Abstract is a bigger version of the Flip and Flop paintings I create. This approach is much looser than usual and so fun! I am enjoying more fluid paints and the loose applications in these paintings! Even a small 5 degree change in perspective can offer a whole new level of interest and inspiration in art making- and life in general.. try it.

Meanwhile- Spring Workshops are in full swing. There are 2 more coming up-! If you want to have a great day having fun with art materials and tapping into your creative force sign up for one of my workshops! March 23rd 2024 is A New Way of Seeing and April 6th 2024 is Creative Reboot for the Soul.


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