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The painting Kickin' It is about the controlled chaos that exists in the lives of many women as they juggle roles of career-woman, mother, wife, friend, provider, teacher, cook, janitor, nurse and empath. The explosive kicking by each swimmer is a metaphor for the energy necessary to keep a productive system working. Each swimmer, kicking in her own pool, has similar, yet isolated experiences: daily struggles and mastery, the balancing of life events, and maintaining a sense of sanity, or NOT! Marti Koehler's exploration of the psychological components of familiar behaviors fuels much of her creative commentary. Studies in Art and Psychology, work as an Art Therapist and life as a mom and wife have inspired Koehler to view women's issues with a fresh perspective. Teeming with vibrant energy, empowerment and humor, her imagery is a nod to how each woman "kicks it" in their own fearless and fabulous way!This painting is acrylic on canvas measuring 48" x 36" x 1.5". It is unframed and ready to hang on a wall.

Kickin' It - 2021

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