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Finding Inspiration....

I often think that I am uninspirable. This happens when I am tired and have spun my creative wheels too fast and too long. At these moments, when I am feeling empty and uninteresting, rest is definitely the main cure for this sense of burn out and malaise. But rest alone does not inspire. There is something needed for inspiration to absorb and that is: surrender.


I recently went on a trip to the Florida Keys. It was a much needed get away since being sequestered in my own home and town for 5 months because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Keys were mandating mask wearing, social distancing and many businesses were closed altogether. It was surreal and the energy to feed my creative spirit was limited, or so I thought.

Parmer's Resort, where we stayed in Little Torch Key, is a small boutique resort where we bring the boat and kids, go fishing, and hang out in the elements. We were surrounded daily with island life - lush landscapes, dramatic weather, cool critters, and a slower tempo. After a few days I was able to disconnect from my Naples life and I started to appreciate what was around me. I began to shift my awareness and appreciate the intimate details of my daily wanderings. I simplified my thoughts and practiced gratitude for the small things that appeared, like an interesting texture, color, or shape. I celebrated raindrops by photographing rain in many settings. I played a circle game, and collected circular images for 8 days. I marveled at the cycles of nature, the sunshine and the rain, the sunrise and the sunset. I breathed the salt air deeply and listened to the wind.

I remembered that in order to be inspired I had to open a portal for inspirations to come through. By surrendering to what ever showed up, I was playfully allowing myself to embrace everything, no matter what appeared. The most significant shift that happened to me was a change in my perspective, how I received information, and how I held it in my mind and heart. By surrendering to what was before me, I was able to be inspired by everyday things I otherwise overlooked.

I use an app called Layout to collage together my photos into stories. Here I have grouped inspiring colors, shapes, textures and an obsession with the rain...These groupings usually lead to other ideas or creative concepts for me to work on.

A nod to the local animals that roam the area... creatures inspire a renewed life force...

Keys Critters

There is no telling how these inspirations will translate into art, but I now have much more to draw from since my creative source is full. Thanks for taking a moment to consider my thoughts and ideas. Remember to take time out to fill your well with ideas that soothe and inspire!

With renewed clarity,




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